The Quarterly Journal of Philosophical Investigations(University of Tabriz)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PHD Candidate of philosophy, University of Tabriz (corresponding author)

2 Associate Professor of philosophy, Tabriz University


Today, phenomenology, with an emphasis on direct explanations with regard to the lived experience of people is interest of different areas. With emphasis on body, Merleau- Ponty's phenomenology is considered in medical science. In his phenomenology, Merleau- Ponty gives new definition of body and names it lived body. Lived body is against of mechanical body and is the central of subjectivity and being- in- the – world and included all of existential aspects of man. Such definition enable doctors to consider all of existential aspects of man besides his physiological and same understanding of the disease based on the patient lived experience. This paper attempts to examine the implications of this new concept of the body as it is described in the medical field.


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