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Assistant prof. Art faculty, University of Semnan. Iran. Semnan


The aim of this article is based on Heideggerian concepts and ideas in Being and Time to provide a framework for describing the types of dasein's disposedness in the encounter with COVID-19. With the analytic-comparative method and applied existentialism approach, we study different relations like capitalistic, scientific, and phenomenological to COVID-19. 
Despite the resistance to the homogenization of globalization in the capitalistic system, Dasein finds himself against it. COVID-19 makes Dasein to be degraded to a corpse and being present-at-hand. It provides an opportunity for speculative reflection on Dasein`s corporeal body for scientific results. Fear and anxiety existentially are the disposedness in front of COVID-19. The encounter with the undeterminable being, for non-patients makes also the fear of threatening things, and appears possibilities at- hand.The infected Dasein to COVID-19 and his/her hospitalization brings about anxiety and existential death before the demise. and, for the hospitalized quarantine people, there is an inability to project to everyday possibilities. Dasein experiences the relation to COVID-19 in various ways. the phenomenological analysis of some of them leads to better studies, decisions, measurements to effective control over COVID-19, and similar pandemic situation.


Introduction and problem

The aim of the essay based on desein`s disposedness is to analyze dasein`s acts in the encounter with COVID 19. The Concentration on the dispesedness and affection requires the correlation set of concepts like the world, being-in-the-world, Dasein, Dasein-with, authenticity, inauthenticity, care, solicitude, corpse and lived body, … Probably dasein finds usually in the everyday world the disposedness and affection but by applying Heidegger`s theoretical framework we make the analytic of dasein in some special condition more precise. We consider COVID 19 not through the scientific framework but also through the analytic of dasein`s gesture, disposedness and affection and acts in the encounter with this virus. For the first time, Ludwig Binswanger after meeting Heidegger in 1929 applied phenomenology for a deep understanding of his patient`s suffering. This lets us make similar proceedings. Phenomenology with emphasis on daseinanalyse helps us to see and look at this situation, as it appears to us.


The method of the research is analytical-comparative. In this study, Heidegger's definition of disposedness in Dasein`s existence and it`s types like Fear and anxiety are central concepts for daseinanalyse. In the next step, according to them, Dasein`s acts are considered. So based on the description of Being-in-the-world and, ways of Being of beings in the world and comparison to overcoming COVID 19 the research approach is applied existentialism. 

Finding and Conclusion

Dasein in the encounter with COVID 19 which is spouting constantly, experiences disposedness like fear and anxiety according to the suggestion of this research. They make dasein appear as careful, solicitous, dreadful, empathic, cautious, dying being.  

COVID 19 which is threatening brings about fear. When a pandemic occurs, not only many objects and food items but also many other people are identified as a risk factor. Everyone secretly spreads the virus, even if they do not sneeze or cough. Hence, the human being, who according to Kant once had a higher value than objects, here, in the parallel to objects or even more dangerous than them is threatening. 

The type of involvement of dasein with the virus shows itself in the correlation set of conflicts. The culmination of this threat is the specific area that has been hit by the virus, which has transmitted through the nose, mouth and eyes. The fear comes from a specific area, the throat, the respiratory duct, or the infected organ. The throat, the face and everything that COVID 19 has hit is familiar, but the moment of infection,  its outcome and interaction is disturbing and unpredictable. COVID 19 goes beyond the threatening, it is near and becomes nearer, it makes us infected and sends our lived body to the death and leads our corpse to the demise. Dasein even doesn’t know how, when, and where has been infected. 

 When COVID 19 occurs anxiety and its way of Being will be highlighted. Anxiety is a disposedness which its way of Being is, Death or dying, death of the lived body.Dasein as an infected dying being is not able to project him/herself on the everyday possibilities. The hospitalization makes dasein appears as a device for pumping blood and a machine for swallowing and making shit and disposal. Dasein in this situation is far from family and is in Quarantine. Whereas there are lots of possibilities but dasein isn’t able to project on them, so there will be anxiety which brings about the affection of death. Dasein in this situation, despite her/his will and desire, can`t reduce his inexhaustible distance to the possibilities. There are possibilities, s/he can't project him/herself on them due to the hospitalization. Therefore, s/he probably suffers existential death before the demise. The question arises as to who  dasein is, in the face of the possibilities which have become impossible. While Dasein can only observe his physical body, he concludes that even if s/he has faced the possibilities and even if he is the clearing (lichtung), but the uncertain thing, virus, disease, which is exactly from a distinguished family with unimaginable mutations, will make him/her in a difficult and impenetrable situation.

Thus dasein before the demise probably gets entangled by existential death. Dasein encounters with a problem with his/her identity in the instant of neutralizing the possibilities when COVID 19 occurs. There is one possible and based on it there will raise the question about who is s/he? Dasein is at the lowest point of his/her dead-end, through the corpse. According to Nancy, the pandemic situation of COVID 19 results from the capitalist free marks in the world, which is dense, and over it COVID 19 is easily spreadable. Whereas dasein as the intersection of possible worlds is an obstacle to the idea of the globalization of the capitalist system. Other relations have relied on scientific and phenomenological ones. Scientific relations make concentration on the cropse and study the reasons and causes of danger to control it. The phenomenological relations focus on lived body, gestures, disposedness and affection for making better proceedings in the special condition.


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