Journal of Philosophical Investigations

The Journal of Philosophical Investigations (JPI) is an open-access peer-reviewed international quarterly journal in English and Persian (with English extended abstracts and bibliographies) devoted to the fields of philosophy, Islamic philosophy, Iranian philosophy, ontology, epistemology, contemporary philosophy, phenomenology, philosophy of art,  aesthetics, Islamic philosophy, Mulla Sadra philosophy, Iranian philosophy, Averroism, Avicennism, Illuminationism,  mystical philosophy, scholastic Islamic theology, and transcendent theosophy, published by the University of Tabriz and is scientifically sponsored by the Iranian Association for Philosophy of Religion (IAPR). It is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the publication of original articles, review articles, etc., considering the research ethics and academic rules and regulations.

The Journal of Philosophical Investigations (JPI) aims to spread philosophical thought and also to introduce Iranian philosophical thought to the world community and vice versa, to introduce the philosophical thoughts of Western and Eastern philosophers to Iranian society. In addition to introducing philosophical ideas in various fields, this journal has decided to publish philosophical articles with an interdisciplinary approach since 2020 and has published and continues to publish special issues in this field.

This journal accepts articles in the following different philosophical fields:

  • Continental philosophies (phenomenology, hermeneutics, existentialism, ...)
  • Analytical philosophies (linguistic analysis, ...)
  • Pragmatic philosophies
  • Islamic philosophies
  • Philosophy of religion, philosophy of art, philosophy of science, etc.
  • Philosophical articles in the field of interdisciplinary studies.