Journal of Philosophical Investigations

Process of review: double-blind review

This journal uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.

The refereeing process of this journal is as follows:

  1. The author (or authors) submits his/her article through the official site of this journal according to the method  of the writing instructions  ( of this journal.
  2. Article will be initially evaluated by the editor and the editorial board, if it meets the necessary conditions, it will be sent to the reviewers, and if it does not meet the conditions, it will be rejected and the author will be informed through the journal site.
  3. The article will be sent to two expert referees on the subject of the article at the same time and each referee will be given a maximum of one month to judge.
  4. If both referees reject the article, the editor will immediately send the reviewers' opinion to the author.
  5. If the referees approve the article with minor or major corrections, their comments will be sent to the author or authors to consider the referees ‘comments and correct the article according to the referees' comments and send the revised version to the journal again.
  6. The editor send the revised version of the author or authors to the judges.
  7. The reviewers will review the revised version. If the author or authors have satisfactorily made the revisions requested by the referees in the article, they will approve the revised version, but if the referees' comments have not been made in the text of the article, it will be reject.
  8. If the article is approved, the author or authors are asked to submit the final version of the article along with extended abstract (sample on), but only for Persian and non-English articles through the journal site.
  9. After receiving the modified and edited file of the article along with the extended English abstract, the author is informed that the cost of publishing the article is 3,000,000 million Rials for authors inside Iran and $ 23 for writers outside Iran through the online payment (
  10. After paying online, the formal acceptance letter will be sent to the author via email with the official signature of the editor.
  11. The time interval between submitting and accepting an article in this journal is a maximum of 3 months.