Journal of Philosophical Investigations

Please pay attention to the following guidelines and instructions before submitting the article:

  1. The article must be the result of the author's research in the field of philosophy (As well as interdisciplinary research with a philosophical approach) and has not been previously published somewhere or sent to another journal at the same time. Avoid sending multiple articles at the same time.
  2. To send an article, it is necessary to refer to the site  and after registering and receiving the password, send the article.
  3. Upload the article without the names and details of the authors with Word software and with the title "Original Article File". The article should have a title, abstract, Persian and English keywords (between 3 words to 7 words), introduction, conclusion and sources and should not be more than 8000 words (unless the subject of the article requires that the article is more than 8000 words) .
  4. All articles must follow the in-text citation by APA method, such as (افلاطون 1389: 76) in Persian and (Kant 1997: 67) in English.
  5. All the final sources of the article should be arranged as follows:


Rorty, Richard (1979) philosophy and The Mirror of nature, New York: Princeton university Press.


Smith, Houston, (2000) "Kant on Marks and the Immediacy of Intuition." The Philosophical Review, 109 (2): 235–66.

  1. Note that all sources of Persian articles must be translated into English. Like the following example:


Dabbagh, Soroush (2010) Language and World-Picture: Categories in Philosophy of Wittgenstein. Tehran: Ney. (In Persian)


Ardebili, Mohammad mehdi (2021) "Nietzsche: A philosopher of Culture or Anti-Culture? " At The quarterly of Journal of Philosophical Investigations, Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 33, winter 2021, Pages 1-300, 

  1. Register the details of the author / authors in the site. Then write the author / authors profile in a separate file, including: first name, last name, degree or degree, organizational affiliation, email address and mobile number, and upload it as "Authors Profile".
  2. If the author of the article is more than one person, identify the responsible author. After receiving the article, any request to add authors or change the responsible author will not be accepted.
  3. Note that the font of the Persian article should be Mitra 14 and the font of the English article should be New Roman Time 12.
  4. "Persian calligraphy grammar" approved by the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, should be the basis of Persian calligraphy and the criterion of connection and chapter of words. Note that articles should not contain typographical, grammatical, or typographical errors.
  5. All footnotes should be given at the end of the article as "Endnotes" and before the list of sources in order and in serial number.
  6. Internet resources: surname and author name, date of access, "article title", link of website name (or electronic journal title with journal specifications), page / paragraph, web address.
  7. The article will be registered on the site when you have received the message "Complete article submission".
  8. When the article is finalized in Persian by the Acceptance journal, the responsible author must write and submit a extended abstract in 1000 words according to the abstracts published in Persian issues. An example of a extended abstract in the first three pages of the following article:

14. For information on the process of reviewing your articles, see website of this journal. If you have any questions or technical problems related to the submission, call -098-04133392131 from Saturday to Wednesday from 8-12