Journal of Philosophical Investigations

Publication Ethics of this journal:

journal of Philosophical Investigations has not yet become an official member of the Cope and intends to become a member of the Cope as soon as possible. However, by the time of its official membership, this journal will act in full compliance with the guidelines and rules of publication ethics in accordance with the Cope, and therefore, deems the following rules necessary to implement. All writers should refrain from misrepresenting the results of philosophical research, which can damage the trust in the journal, the professionalism of scientific writing, and ultimately the whole scientific endeavor. It helps to maintain the integrity of the research and its presentation by following the rules of good scientific practice, which include:

  • The manuscript should not be submitted to more than one journal for simultaneous consideration.
  • Authors should not divide an article into several sections and publish different sections in another journal, and if this is found out, the article will be rejected.
  • The submitted article must be original and must not have been published elsewhere in any form or language (such as Persian or English) (in part or in full), unless the new article is intended to expand the previous article, otherwise this article will be a kind of “self-plagiarism’".
  • Authors should not present the data, text or theory of others in their articles as if they belonged to the author himself ("theft"). If an article, text or sentence is quoted directly from someone or somewhere, the article must be quoted in quotation marks "" 

Important Note: The journal may use software (such as Samim Noor, etc.) to screen plagiarism.

Research that may be misused for a threat to public health or national security should be clearly identified in the manuscript (dual use of research). Examples include the harmful effects of biological agents or toxins, immunosuppression of vaccines, abnormal hazards in the use of chemicals, research weapons / technology (among others).

  • Note that when judging an article, the name of one or more authors may not be deleted or added unless an official letter is sent by the authors to the journal's email ( ) asking for their removal or addition. Have stated explicitly. Note that after the final acceptance, it is not possible to change the names of the authors of the article.

All of the above are guidelines and authors need to make sure to respect third parties rights such as copyright and/or moral rights.


The editor and any editorial staff must not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers, and the publisher, as appropriate.

If there is a clear violation in an article and the author has hidden it; In this case, we will act in two ways:

      - If the article is in the arbitration process, it will be immediately excluded from the arbitration and the author will be       notified.

     - If the article is approved and ready to be published and is displayed online on the journal site, a decision will be made depending on the extent of the violation.

  • Authors are required to contact the journal as soon as they discover a significant error or inaccuracy in their published article and explain to what extent the error affects the entire article. The decision on how to correct the error also depends on the nature of the error, and as a result a minor correction may be sufficient. The author is required to submit a formal application via the journal's email.
  • The authors of the article have the right to nominate an expert referee for their article and to send the complete information of the referee, including organizational affiliation, e-mail and telephone, to the journal.
  • The authors of the articles are obliged to write the articles according to the instructions and writing style of this journal, and if they do not comply, the article will be returned to the author or authors to compile according to the rules and writing style of this journal.


All material and intellectual rights of each article in the Journal of Philosophical Investigations, University of Tabriz, are reserved for that journal, and those authors who intend to publish the article in a collection of articles, or part of a book, must submit a written request, consent Download the publication. 


This journal does not accept any responsibility for advertising for the benefit of anyone, organization or center. 

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