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How ethics and society relate to each other has always been one of the most important questions for social thinkers and philosophers. At the beginning of the so-called Enlightenment, Teleological ethics, the work of ancient Greek philosophers, including Aristotle, was marginalized, and self-founded reason became the center of all social judgment. In response to such a situation, the communitarianism criticized the devaluation of philosophy in the modern age, proposing a mechanism for creating a moral structure that could be achieved by resorting to the Aristotelian tradition. McIntyre, as one of the most important thinkers in the communitarian movement, emphasizes the Aristotelian moral tradition and believes that a person apart from tradition, history and society cannot be defined as wise and should only provide the necessary basis for society's goodness through spreading "The moral technicality of living". Accordingly, the question under consideration of this study is based on what is the relationship between society and ethics in the philosophical tradition of Western thought from the point of view of communitarianism and also how McIntyre's answer is presented. By criticizing modern thought, McIntyre seems to have addressed the issue of reason and moral values ​​in society from the perspective of Western philosophical approaches and the mechanism of creating a moral structure with the idea of ​​"choosing the best criteria" and "the moral technicality of living". Using a descriptive-normative approach, this study tries to address McIntyre's suggestions for building a moral society within Western culture, taking into account the criticisms made by communitarianisms regarding the rupture of the relationship between morality and society.


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