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Assistant Professor of Persian Language & Literature Department, Farhangian University, Iran.


Henri Corbine is a French philosopher who he connected Husserl's phenomenology with Islamic philosophy, especially the wisdom of Sheikh Eshraq and Mulla Sadra. The discontinuous imaginal universe that resulted from this connection, it is a purgatory world in which events are placed between two material and imaginary worlds. Among the texts that can be examined with the discontinuous imaginal universe, is the story "Sorena and the Fire Vest" by Muslim Naseri, whose story is included in the category of children's and adolescent literature. The story "Soerna and the Fire Vest" is a fantasy story whose subject is surreal and at the same time, it is full of freshness and dynamism of the image and the result of the author's creative mind and it has many similarities and similarities with the features of the discontinuous imaginal universe. The main goal of this research is to investigate the discontinuous imaginal universe in the story "Soerna and the Fire Vest". Therefore, in the present research, the phenomenology of Henry Corbine and the characteristics of the discontinuous imaginal universe in the story "Sorena and the fire vest" were extracted using the descriptive-analytical method and using library resources and common concepts were analyzed. The results showed that the features of the discontinuous imaginal universeare fully present in the images and concepts of the story and it casts a shadow over all of it like a dominant thought.


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