Journal of Philosophical Investigations

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD in philosophy of religion and modern issues of theology. Science and Research Branch. Islamic Azad University. Tehran. Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Institute for Research in Philosophy, Tehran. Iran


According to development of biology, particularly in the field of evolutionary biology, this science claim presented scientific explanation about human phenomena ,including religion and ethics. About the origin of moral behavior in humans, a group of evolutionary biologists believe that ethical behavior in human beings has developed during evolutionary process over time while the other group of them belief that there are many difference between animals and human in ethical behaviors.In this article we will talk about the altruistic behavior as a moral behavior and views of two gropes of biologists will be reviewed.

we have discussed around tow subjects:

-biological explanations could not present meaningful difference about the nature of ethical behavior in human and animals

-human nature necessitated a special kind of finality in human beings moral behaviors.


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