Journal of Philosophical Investigations

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Epistemology and its formational trend have been always one of the discussions in various parts of science; and nowadays modern sciences have plentiful effects on the process of epistemological studies. Different men of letters from various fields have also studied and scrutinized it. Among these researches, evolutionary epistemology wants to explain the process of formation of epistemology by modeling it through evolution theory. Here I do effort to investigate Karl Poppers’ view point of epistemology which has been affected by Darwin’s theory of evolution and biogenesis. Human beings always criticize adaptation of their theories and, rather, their epistemology to survive the environment and conditions more and better and also improve their cognition. Thus In this essay the first section has a glance on evolution itself and then the two other sections will study epistemology and its criticisms done by Popper. Finally his evolutionary concept of epistemology will be surveyed.