Journal of Philosophical Investigations

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This article is an attempt to confirm what Leon Robin, the well-known Platonist, asserts that Plato believes in relevance between ta mathematica and the soul. That is, it tries to prove that ta mathematica and the soul that permeated throughout the world are the same, as he considered the Ideas as identical with the numbers. Thus as it is not unlikely to consider the Ideas and numbers as the same so there is no logical unlikely in this case as well. For, both of them are in line with the same idea which is based on the impact of Pythagorean teachings upon Plato's thought.
Moreover, we will come to know that ta mathematica are not something separate from the sensible world and the world of Ideas. The method of this work is based on using the well–known teachings of Plato, including the theory of the Ideal numbers, the doctrine of participation, the place of the soul in the world, the situation of middle affairs or ta mathematica in the world and Platonic oneness of being. Meanwhile, references have been given to Plato's words and some of his early and later commentators to confirm the main theme of this article.