Journal of Philosophical Investigations

Document Type : Research Paper



Analytic Philosophy, as the current philosophical movement in contemporary Anglophone world, against its rival, i.e., Continental Philosophy, has gone through a great crisis in the process of rediscovering its identity. Analytic philosophers, instead of trying to achieve their methodological goals as if, are concerned with understanding its essence. In this essay, first of all, we articulate and assess different attitudes toward the essence and origins of analytic philosophy, and finally represent our chosen approach on the issue. According to our findings, all declared attitudes on the essence and origins of analytic philosophy have a common strategic mistake; meaningly, considering margins as the text. Analytic philosophy, most of all, is an extension of Philosophy. And since philosophy is as such a standpoint of the truth of objects, and truth itself is a function of Zeitgeist, hence, the analytic philosophy and its methodological approach should be understood in terms of the contemporary meaning of truth.