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1 PhD Candidate of Philosophy, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 Associate Professor of Philosophy Department, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


At the beginning of the fourth book of metaphysics, Aristotle speaks of knowledge as "existing as existing and its inherent effects" and in other places he refers to this book as "the first philosophy" or "the first philosophy", "wisdom" and "theology". Which is later called metaphysics. As he has given different names to this science, he has also raised various topics for this science. The most fundamental subject in metaphysics of Aristotle is existence. In metaphysic, Aristotle has expressed the knowledge of existent in different ways and it is displayed various matter on this scale in a proper position. In the beginning of forth book of metaphysics, it is said that metaphysics is a knowledge of being as such, but metaphysics is a divine science in other parts so that its subject is an immovable and spiritual being. Also, it is a science to discuss the highest principle and elements and it is described as the knowledge of substance or primary substance too. So, the commentators of Aristotle encountered with some contradictions to identify the exact subject of metaphysics from the earlier of time.


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